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Self-Storage Options

Nelson Storage offers self-storage in Arrington, storage containers delivered to your location, and large commercial storage spaces.


Self-Storage, Automobile or RV Storage

Nelson Storage provdies durable steel storage containers for lease or sale.  These seabox containers are of solid steel construction, secure and sturdy.  Measuring 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall by 20 feet long, these containers are wind-and water-tight, but are not climate-controlled.  They are located behind a locked gate for extra security.  These containers are also available for sale.  We offer Automobile and RV storage based on available space.  

Storage Containers Delivered to You

We can deliver shipping containers to your home or job site with a three-month minimum term.  Delivery costs are based on your location.  This is an excellent option for renovations, with the container within walking distance, with your tools and materials secure and accessible whenever it is convenient for you.  

Commercial Storage

  • Large Spaces Available - Large square footage private rooms and high ceilings allow for a wide variety of 
  • Forklift On Site - In addition to the ability to move and store your large items, pallets of merchandise, or long-term storage items, Freight Shipping and Receiving services are available. 
  • Fulfillment Services - We also offer a complete fulfillment service for your products, with daily pickup by the USPS and UPS.  

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2731 Arrington Road
Arrington, VA 22922

Phone:  434-263-4369